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Stretch Classic Pants - (Father's Day Sales-55% OFF)


*The trousers are very stretchy so don't worry too much about the size.



There are mainly 3 reasons that make them the most popular trousers of the year, and these are:

✔️ELASTICITY: One of these trousers' merits is precisely the elasticity, which allows you to make movements without tearing the trousers and without them blocking your movement.

✔️ELEGANCE: surely elegance is one of the key points that make these trousers loved by everyone, their simple but at the same time elegant line makes them unique.

✔️COMFORTABLE: many people tell us that these trousers are very comfortable because they are made of a very soft and fluffy fabric.


To create these trousers we have used a very breathable fabric specifically to avoid uncomfortable heat, especially now that we are in summer.

Many customers ask us if the fabric is breathable, so we decided to write it down to avoid any doubt.

Our most loyal customers have also noticed this and have complimented us on it.


Lucas is one of our customers who sent us an email a few weeks ago thanking us, we were so pleased that we decided to put it on the website *after his approval*

Hi, I'm Lucas, I wanted to thank you for your trousers, I must admit they are very stylish and comfortable, I use them very often to go to meetings and i always make a good impression.
Also, they are really comfortable, if I wanted I could also use them for sport 😂.
Some of my colleagues have also bought the same trousers and they are really happy with them too.
Thanks again NioMood.


*We would like to say that we have taken his email and copied it directly onto our page without making any changes and under Lucas's approval.


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