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Women's Silver Needle Stream Supu Earrings

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$10.18 USD
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$12.79 USD
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$10.18 USD

Material: silver
Style: Korean Korean / Korean Wind
Item No .: Long earrings
Print LOGO: Can not
brand: other
Style: Woman
Model: Geometric
Occasions for gifts: Wedding, birthday, travel commemoration, festival, move, trade, advertising, employee benefits, anniversary celebration, business gift, opening ceremony, awards commemorative, public relations planning
Package: individual package
Mosaic material: Gold plated inlaid artificial gem / half treasure
Precious metal quality: Silver needle
Color: White, E042 gold, E4011 gold, E635 gold, E633 gold, E3105 silver, DE2271 gold, E336 short, E726 gold, E736 Jin E3150, E3150 gold, E1190 gold, E705 gold, E735 gold, E735 silver, E2035 gold, E736 Silver, E737 gold, E798 gold, E798 silver, E811 gold, E814 gold, E2051 gold, E819 silver, E820 gold, E3093 gold, E1298 gold, E747 gold, E231 gold, E829 gold, E1042 gold, E1093 short, E901 gold , E1243 gold, E1127 gold, E1415 gold, E3098 gold, E1886 gold, E2977 gold
Purity: Silver needle
Popular elements: Metal, flowers, bow, tassels, butterflies, rainbow