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Women's Hug Ring

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$15.99 USD
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$28.99 USD
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$15.99 USD

The Cuddly Ring is Designed to look like Arms Wrapped around your Finger!

This ring has a very significant shape; it has neither beginning nor end, symbol of eternity.

Wear this ring to empower yourself and as a reminder of the endless love of the people in your life.

Give someone you love this adjustable ring to send them a hug they can wear every day!

Dedicate to someone you haven't seen for a long time!

With this ring on her finger, she will convince herself that she can always count on you, just like when you give each other a warm hug.

The perfect Gift for someone you care about.

Suitable for weddings, meetings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, banquets, dances, birthdays, Valentine's Day or any other occasion.

The ring is also adjustable so it will fit any person


  • Sterling Silver 925 or Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable ring size: one size fits all